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HD Camera Services

We are the preferred video production house in St. Louis for both local video producers, videographers, independent video producers, and businesses seeking to produce a video project for their company.

We leverage almost 30 years of professional video production experience to ensure we make you, your service, your products and your videos look great!

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St. Louis video production

St. Louis digital video editing services

Video Editing Services:

We edit video in digital, HD, and Analog video formats depending on your needs. We work hard to ensure that the final video we deliver to you looks amazing.

All video editing is done by award winning St. Louis video producer and editor Steve Beherends, or by one of our other experienced editors.

Corporate training, commercial television or on the web, we do it all. And can make your video stand out with our quality production expertise.

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Video Production Staffing:

Need a video production coordinator prior to your arrival in St. Louis?

Let us scout locations, line up support staff or on-camera talent, or any other video staffing position or anything else you may need when you’re shooting in St. Louis.

  • Video Editor - at your location or ours
  • Camera Operator
  • Production Coordinator
  • Production Grip
  • Script Creation Services
  • Voice Over Talent
  • On Camera Talent

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St. Louis Corporate Video Production Service for Companies that Need National-Level Quality

Saint louis video staffing services

Video Solutions, Inc. brings 30 years of experience to the table providing a wide range of video solutions to meet your needs from 30 second commercials to full length corporate promotional videos, shot locally in St. Louis or remotely at locations around the country with one person or multiple-person teams.

Here are a few companies we've worked with that you may recognize.

High quality video production is more important than ever.

Everyone knows it is important to have great video for your company. A great video reflects directly on your brand’s image and how people will perceive. Creating that great video is not always as easy as it seems though. Knowing how to pick the right video production house is extremely important because this seemingly small task will dictate the end result of your video production project.

In the world we live in today, many people call themselves videographers simply because they bought the latest and greatest video camera on the market. Unfortunately, this has created a slew of low-quality video houses that make it harder to navigate the video production marketplace. With rock bottom prices, you may even choose one of these places to produce your video, but in the end you’ll find out the hard way that you get what you pay for with a lackluster video that does not do your brand justice.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may be tempted to default to a local agency. Agencies seem like a safe choice. They are big, employ many people, and have access to a ton of equipment and resources. In some cases, agencies can be a great choice. The reality is that these scenarios are much more limited that you may think. Agencies are great choices when you have an extremely large budget and can get the attention of the agency so that you are top priority. Most of the time though, you’re just another number in their accounts list and will suffer from their inability to service you properly since they are more concerned with their keystone clients’ needs. The rates agencies charge tend to be inflated since they employ so many people. With that overhead comes an increased cost passed onto you as the consumer.

Failing to pick the right video production company can lead to big problems.

If the video production company you pick is not up to par for your needs, you will end up with a lackluster video. Not only will you have wasted time and effort, but you will also have wasted the opportunity for your brand to capitalize on maximizing positive perception. Your boss and upper management may also look down on you for not making a good choice and executing proper due diligence. In the end, a poorly executed video production campaign leads to more stress for you and time delays with little real world value in return.

Making Sure Your Video Production is Handled Right

Video Solutions, Inc. conducts business in a very specific way to make sure you get the most value for your video production needs. The foundation of this difference is 30 years of experience in the St. Louis video production field. Video production, shooting, and editing are specialized crafts at heart. Just like anyone can pick up a hammer and chisel, only a master artist can sculpt a masterpiece stone statue. Videography is no different. Creating national level quality commercials, promotional videos, and music videos takes many years of dedication and practice within the craft. Without that foundation of expertise, it is very difficult to make a video project successful. Video Solutions, Inc.’s president, Steve Behrends, and his colleagues hold this as one of their highest virtues. If you’re looking for someone to shoot your child’s wedding, call someone else because we don’t shoot weddings.

Along with expertise, Steve and his team bring great passion and creativity to every project. Whatever your project need, you’ll be greeted by many ideas and thoughts to make your project a success. You will also benefit from the team’s impeccable attention to details. As electronic artists, the Video Solutions team address all of the technical factors that will make your video a success. You won’t have to think twice about video quality, color levels, file formats, encoding, bitrates, audio levels, pops, hisses, background noise, and the countless other details that can make or break a video.

Throughout every project. Steve and his team strive to offer excellent customer service. From the time the project is discussed to the time after the project is executed and launched, Video Solutions, Inc. makes every effort to make sure you are up to date on the project status, what the next steps are, and help out to make sure your video production project is a success.

If You’re Not Using Video, Your Competitors Are

In the fast paced world we live in today, not only do you have to worry about having an internal presence and TV presence with video for your company, but you also have to worry about your perception online. YouTube and other video websites have proliferated on the Internet over the last decade and if you’re company is not using them properly, you are losing ground on your competition. If you’ve been on the fence or have had lackluster results with YouTube video, drop us a line. Our 30 of video production experience will help get you pointed in the right direction.

What is Video Solutions, Inc.?

Video Solutions, Inc offers video production and editings services that communicates your company's key message with high production value for companies that value their brand's image who are tired of agencies and videographers with poor customer support, over-inflated prices, and a dull end-product.

We offer the following video production services at exceptional value:

  • HD Video Shoots
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production Staffing

Let’s Talk

Video Solutions, Inc. would love to hear from you about your next video project. We strive to offer premium quality video solutions, so we can only work with a few to maintain our high standards of quality. Let us know what you need by email or call 1-866-291-8598 and we will contact you within 24 hours.